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Seorang mahasiswa naturopati dan saat ini bekerja sepenuh masa di sebuah klinik naturopati terkenal di Singapura sebagai pembantu makmal. Di luar waktu kerja pula, beliau adalah Anak didik dari Dr Rashidinz dalam perubatan Melayu, perubatan Islam dan pengamal sistem Pernafasan Tenaga Dalam termasuk bertindak sebagai Pembantu Klenik dan juga sebagai perawat utama membantu Dr Rashidinz dalam menangani pasien.
Bidang kepakaranya adalah aspek Perubatan yang berkaitan dengan Tenaga Dalaman dan Perubatan energy di mana dia telah merumuskan protokolnya sendiri sebagai perawat selama beberapa tahun sehingga sekarang. Sebahagian besar waktunya diabdikan dalam pengajian,meneliti dan menggabungkan metodologi ilm-al Hikmah, metodologi Hujjatul Aufaq, Perubatan Kerohanian Islam mengunakan Asmaul Husna, Teknik Asas Rukyah, Thibbun Nabawi serta mengunakan sistem pernafasan Tenaga Dalam dan Bio-energy untuk perobatan.
Beliau tergolong diantara perawat berpengalaman yang termuda di arena paranormal Singapura.

Hadinata Roslan, naturopathic student and currently working full-time in a renowned naturopathic clinic as a lab assistant. Protégé of Dr Rashidinz in Malay medicine, Islamic Energy Medicine and acting assistant for Darul Hikmah. He assists Dr Rashidinz in handling Darul Hikmah patient’s appointments in Singapore and Has been given the trust to attend on site calls on individual request.

Areas of specialties is Energy Medicine where he has been practitioner for some years now and has devoted part of his time in studying, researching and combining the methodology of ilm-al-hikmah Islamic Spiritual Healing, Rukyah, Thibbun nabawi, Mujarobat techniques and Tenaga Dalam of which he has devised his own protocol and ideas for the purpose of quick recovery of patient with minimal expenditure on their part.

Short Introduction.
 First Inititiated into spirituality at 18 by a Cleric/Kyai in Indonesia.

 Unsatisfied, then went on to study in Singapore to supplement knowledge. Served as an apprentice under a few renowned masters in Singapore obtaining a decent knowledge in Malay medicine, Energy Medicine, Occultic Indonesian Arts, Tenaga dalam, Ilm-al-hikmah, Mujorabat Islamic Medicine (occult islamic arts), Sufistic and Sunnah Islamic Medicine lastly serving in Darul Hikmah as a protege to Dr. Rashidinz.

 Naturopathic student.

 Energy Medicine Practitioner -Tenaga Dalam

 Indonesian Silat and Traditional Culture Enthusiast.
One of my main aim of creating this blog is none other than to raise awareness of islamic ilmu hikmah (occult knowledge) of its goodness designed to help mankind and not to mention alternative medicine.

Ilmu hikmah in this modern days have all the while been termed as blesphemious and innovation (shirik and bidaah) therefore one of my hope is as a practitioner to ensure that the general public will not be misinformed as the real role of al-hikmah actually is far from witchcraft, in reality.. WE combat witchcraft and its like.. Ilmu hikmah is just a tool or an answer but not the destination. The destination of our path is God almighty. In doing so, we practitioners hope spread goodness, healing and da’awah to mankind – battle evil, enjoin goodness.
I am a person who is strong willed to help anyone of any RACE, RELIGION, BACKGROUD who has been victimised by the evil crafts. I have plenty experience in space clearing and dealing with healing hexed victims in accordance of the Islamic, Malay and Indonesian Tradition. I have been successful but ALSO, I have ever failed (to deny defeat is lying). but well..Such is life.

Being quite young for my age to practice in this field, customers doubt my capabilities (this is somewhat understandable), but nevertheless I have proved myself worthy at times. My request is only that you will give me the chance to do my job completely, well.. there are cases whereby people want an instant recovery when in fact their conditions are very severe. That is not being fair to any practitioner. I would require that you give any practitioner (not just myself) the respect of opinions and the proper chance to treat you.

My methodology has worked for myself and I am very satisfied with what I have studied, applied, the experience that I gained and the results I reaped. Now I believe is the time to pass it on so that other may live a better life as how I did and how I had promised myself to God once – That I shall help anyone who is in need of help.

For those who have known me in the silat world.. One thing to take note is that eventhough Al-hikmah wisdom is often associated with silat, I will emphasize that my current school/perguruan silat that I represent has nothing to do with my al-hikmah knowledge. I have obtained my inner silat and Tenaga Dalaman knowledge outside of my current silat school way before I joined my current school. I have trained in 3 countries for my silat for purposes of obtaining holistic views on silat. and not all of them has its links with the spiritual. Theres no need for me to point who and who of my spiritual silat. Winning or losing in games is not my concern other then only to have knowledge on the co-relation between ilmu Hikmah and pencak silat.

This is my ‘part time’ job so to speak.. I hope this will clear the air of confusion (if any) amongst fellow pencak silat practitioner in within my current perguruan and other previous perguruan that I have been involved directly or indirectly.

For some reasons or so I would like to emphasize, In my healing methodology I do not do massage. I am an energy healer.

Best regards,
Hadinata B.R


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